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Beaked Whales

Beaked whales are the least known and understood whales in the world because encounters with them are so RARE.

There are some beaked whales that scientists have only seen portions of their bodies and not even the entire animal. These whales may be rarely seen rather than rare because of their ability to be deep divers, staying beneath the surface for long periods and perhaps many of these species are shy of boats. The illusive behavior is problematic for us to view them as is the fact that their preferred habitat generally is in really deep water and far from land.
That's where having Monterey's deep submarine canyon in our back yards comes in handy. Because the canyon provides a deep habitat close to shore so we do get VERY RARE looks at two of the species of beaked whales that are known to live here. The Baird's beaked whale is more predominantly seen than the second, which is the Cuvier's beaked whale. Again, I will not miss lead you to think this happens often but there are a few sightings every year and they usually occur in late summer to fall. Good Luck!