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Blue Whales Balaenoptera Musculus

Blue whales are spectacular because you get to experience the worlds largest animal that has ever lived on the planet

; even during the dinosaur era!! Nothing is or has ever been as big as the Giant blue whale getting up to 110 ft long and 400,000 lb. When these big girls give birth to their 23-26 ft long calves they nurse them as much as 50 gallons a day so the calves can gain up to 200 lb. (90 kg) a day!! Before these calves are weaned they have grown two thirds of their adult length of as much as 50 ft long in the first year of life.

The largest population of Blue whales work the waters in Monterey Bay to feast on the abundance of krill and the biggest whales can consume up to 12,000 lb of food a DAY. They are able to fill their mouth and throat grooves with several tons of tasty prey every time they take a gulping lunge. (see picture) To get some perspective and give you a mental picture of their size, the eye ball is the size of a basket ball. Their heart is the size of a V.W. bug automobile and they are equivalent to 30 elephants.

Facts about the Blue Whale:

Lifespan: At least 70 years or more.
Population: Off the California Coast 3,000.  World total
Distribution: Over the shelf of the Monterey submarine canyon, but mostly off shore in deep water migrating from tropical waters to polar world waters.
Diet: Several species of krill.
Group Size: 1-2 Unless there is great concentrations of prey.
Adults: Adult females are slightly larger than adult males.
Length:  75 - 110' (23 - 33.3 m)
Weight:  Up to 400,000 lb. (180,000 kg)
Newborns: Length: 23 - 26' (7 - 7.9m)
Weight: Approximately 6,000 to 7,900 lb. (2,700 - 3,600 kg)