Marine Birds

Feeding opportunities are even amazing for the bird life due to the deep Submarine Canyon and the nutrient rich upwelling that occurs. It provides 90 to over 120 marine bird species, including the rare sightings, with reason to come here from great distances just to get a meal. Less than 20% of the shore to pelagic marine birds nest here or are here year round. Most are migrating from Arctic to Sub Arctic nesting regions. The world’s farthest migratory bird is the Arctic tern that travels from Arctic to Antarctic regions, hence their name. The Sooty Shearwaters that forage in our area come from the southern hemisphere, New Zealand and Australian nesting sights. They get their names because of the shape of their wings, giving them an incredible ability to “Sheer” effortlessly across the worlds oceans. These are just an example of some bird species who migrate long distances to take advantage of the plentiful feeding opportunities.

Black Footed Albatross

Black Footed Albatross’s are magnificent out on the ocean.

Lysands Albatross

Lysands Albatross is one of our more exciting but rare birds.