Leatherback Sea Turtles

Leatherback sea turtles come to Monterey bay to eat the abundance of Jelly fish we have here. In the picture you can see the turtle raising it’s head to gulp the slimy gelatinous jelly down it’s throat!  These turtles are gravely endangered and if conditions for them do not change they could possibly go extinct in the next 20 years! Scott Benson, local researcher, is generating a great scientific effort right here in Monterey to save and learn more about these turtles. When ever possible our trips communicate sightings of the turtles to further information gathering.

They are the largest sea turtle in the world achieving lengths more than 8 ft and weight up to 2,000 lb.’s. Their name comes from their leathery firm external casing that is unlike all other hard shelled turtles. We usually start seeing the Leatherbacks by May or June through to fall.