Mola Mola

Mola Molas are better known as Sun Fish. They were given this name because they are often seen lying flat on the surface in the warmer layers of the ocean sunning themselves like big giant saucers. When they are laying flat, Molas can look as if they are injured, but they may also be serving the Parasites that live on their bodies to the gulls that like to pick the little bugs off and eat them. Molas are one of our area’s Largest fish!!!!!

These fish get to be as big as a small V.W. Bug automobile and can weigh more than 1 ton They grow very quickly by eating the abundance of Jelly Fish that come into our Bay. Mola’s have a beak like mouth, leathery rough sandpaper skin, are covered externally and internally with ghastly parasites, and they can vocalize, which sounds something like a grunting squealing pig. Their only defense mechanism seems to be that they are….Well, BIG. Their hide is extremely thick and would be difficult to impossible to bite through and there is really not that much that turns out to be very edible to predators witch is probably why most human cultures do not utilize this large fish for food either. I should say that they do have a toxin in their flesh that is also a wee bit of a deterrent but when these fish are still small, Sea Lions toss them like Frisbee’s in the air toying with them and biting their fins off so they can’t swim away. The sea Lions will bite through the Molas bellies to eat some edible portions of the young fish.