Sea Otters

During our tour you’ll see the famed “Sea Otter.”  The Sea Otters that live in Monterey are always one of the favorite animals here and every one loves to see them. The otters can be very entertaining to watch feeding because they are “tool” users. You may see them come up with a rock to bang away at the prey on their belly for consumption.  You can even hear them as you walk along our coastline cracking away at some delectable snack. They spend 30% of their day looking for food because they need to eat 25% of their own body weight every day to stay warm due to their fast metabolism.

Mom’s carry their pups on top of their bellies out of the water for nap time, nursing, and grooming their amazing fur coats. Sea otters have been favored for their rich thick fur coat, about 1 million hairs per square inch, by hunters and this southern Sea otter population was hunted to near extinction for their pelts. Now our population is recovering and numbers are over 2,800.